Santo Domingo Lodge

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  • Fully licensed by provincial and federal authorities
  • Largest privately owned wingshooting operation in Argentina
  • Exclusive use of land. No leasing to other outfitters
  • Unparalleled land management and quality of birds
  • Shortest drive times available typically 5 - 20 minutes
  • 2 hours away by car from Downtown Buenos Aires or the International Airport (Ezeiza)
  • Luxury accommodations. 3 double bedrooms with private bathrooms

Santo Domingo is a sister property to Los Laureles and is a large, working ranch with in-house ownership of all land and hunting rights. The lodge itself is in the middle of a 5,000 acre parcel which is home to natural pasture fields for cattle. Located in the southern portion of the Entre Rios province just north of the border to Buenos Aires, Santo Domingo is our flagship duck lodge and plays a prominent role in our mixed bag packages. While Los Laureles offers truly world-class duck hunting, Santo Domingo stands alone as a duck destination on account of unique land management which keeps ducks on our property twelve months out of the year. A system of levies is used to divert water to our land from nearby rivers which keeps over six duck species on our property year-round.

While Santo Domingo is renown for being one of the few lodges in the country offering duck-only hunting packages, we are also able to combine ducks with pigeons and doves for mixed bag packages. Alternatively, many guests enjoy combining several days of strictly duck hunting at Santo Domingo with combo packages at Los Laureles.

Santo Domingo consists of 5,000 acres, we also own two adjacent ranches which total over 15,000 acres in size. Santo Domingo comes close only to the 10,000 acres under exclusive concession in the Los Laureles collection of properties making it the largest duck operation on private land in Argentina. The beauty of private ownership means we are not competing with other outfitters for land leases. Because we are not leasing, there is not a financial factor bearing influence on how often land is scouted and baited. Furthermore, the vast acreage we control allows us to frequently rotate hunting locations and not over-stress any one given area, meaning that our birds stay strong all season even with back to back groups. Other lodges whose hunting is limited by land made available through leases, often over-hunt fields leaving clients with hit and miss results.

Our main lodge consists of three guest double bedrooms. Our lodge staff prides itself on gourmet cuisine including a number of exquisite game dishes as well as fine wines.

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