Pigeon Hunting

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Pigeon hunting, perhaps only alongside perdiz hunting, is one of the best kept secrets of Argentina wingshooting. We hunt pigeons in a traditional British fashion using both mechanical and stationary decoys which parallels duck hunting in many respects. The notable distinction between the two is that pigeon hunting takes place in dry areas and can be undertaken all day rather than just early morning. Additionally, downed birds are arranged by your guide to resemble decoys thus increasing the amount of birds you attract based on the number of birds you successfully hunt. Although often mistakenly considered to be akin to doves, pigeons are actually very little like doves. They are second only to perdiz in flight speed and entirely like ducks in terms of decoying habits. Pigeon hunts in the truest sense of the term very seldom involve pass shooting. While outfitters sometimes offer pigeons as occasional shots among pass shooting for doves, our pigeon hunts are designed exclusively with pigeons in mind.

In Argentina, pigeons are not nearly as prevalent as doves and are native to a select few provinces, Entre Rios among them. Because we own concessions to three large estancias in Entre Rios we are fortunate to have a variety of excellent pigeon fields literally in our back yard. Be that as it may, it is nevertheless the case that pigeons are the most difficult bird to scout and by far the most unpredictable in terms of the effects of even minor variations in weather and harvesting conditions. A mixed bag hunt for ducks, perdiz and high-volume doves is rounded off wonderfully by pigeon hunts which add another dimension of uniqueness and quality to our offerings.

Our pigeon hunting properties include Los Laureles and Santo Domingo. Both lodges offer pigeons as one of the species in their mixed bag package.

Argentine seasons are opposite from the northern hemisphere. Pack accordingly for either hot summers or the relatively mild winters. Pigeon hunting is legal all year but in reality results vary drastically depending on weather and harvesting. Pigeons may be added to our hunt packages however prior consultation is recommended.

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