Perdiz Hunting

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  • Classic upland shooting for perdiz over dogs
  • Our expertly trained brittany spaniel dogs both point and retrieve
  • Experienced dog handlers and guides
  • Limit is 8 perdiz per hunter per day

Perdiz or 'Spotted Tinamou' is the Argentine counterpart to a partridge. Native to the grassy areas north of the Buenos Aires province, they are members of a larger family consisting of roughly 12 varieties of differing sizes. The perdiz is one of the most prized species for sportsmen in Argentina and is found only in select areas including the Entre Rios province. Perdiz thrive in low lying grasses in undisturbed fields and pastures. An increase in commercial agriculture in our region has posed an obstacle to strong perdiz numbers in many areas yet our roughly 15,000 acres of private land in the Entre Rios province is largely comprised of cow pastures where planting and harvesting do not take place. This creates a safe haven for nests and hatching which is perhaps the largest area of wild perdiz habitat being hunted in the country and the basis of our one hundred percent wild bird guarantee.

We stand alone in offering hunting on non-leased, private land which is owned and used exclusively by our operation, resulting in an unparalleled quality of birds. Perdiz hunts consist of walking through fields in pairs with one hunter on either side of a dog. In contrast to quail hunting, perdiz do not covey but instead flush in singles. Dogs both point and retrieve making this a favorite among upland hunting aficionados. The explosive flush is so fast that the bird's wings create a whistling noise piercing the otherwise still surroundings.

Seasoned hunters will find that perdiz get up and fly much faster than quail. Because they often run before flushing, perdiz also share a resemblance with pheasants although they are indeed in a class of their own. Often, first time perdiz hunters do not expect to enjoy this bird as much as other species but almost always end up favoring it over all other hunts. Our perdiz fields are typically no more than five to ten minutes from the lodge but in some circumstances have to drive further. An average drive time for perdiz is in the 20 minute range, which combined with the unparalleled quality of our birds makes this hunt unparalleled in Argentina.

Our Perdiz Hunting takes place exclusively at Los Laureles Lodge in Entre Rios province. The May - August perdiz season represents our winter which is mild by the standard of many other regions. Early morning temperatures rarely fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with temperatures rising to the mid-seventies during the day. Clothing in layers is recommended.

Photo Gallery