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Duck species in Argentina consist of local varieties as well as migratory ducks, depending on weather patterns. Migratory species include Rosy Billed Pochards and Pintails. The local species which are not affected by migration are Brazilian Teal, Ring Teal, Speckled Teal, Silver Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Red Shoveler and Whistling Ducks. All of our duck hunting properties are in the Entre Rios province which literally means 'between rivers'. Commonly referred to as 'siempre verde' or 'always green', this is the most ideal duck habitat in Argentina due to the fabulous amount of fresh water it possesses in rivers, marshes and ponds.

Additionally, Entre Rios receives more rainfall than any other area in the country with precipitation occurring twelve months out of the year. While we are able to access hard to reach marsh areas with the aid of amphibious vehicles, we hunt small ponds out of dry blinds just as frequently thus eliminating the need for waders and long travel.

Baiting is legal in Argentina and because we own all the land we hunt, ideal field preparation and land management are employed at a level totally unique among competitor outfitters. We have duck fields as close as 5-10 minutes to the lodges but in some circumstances have to drive further. An average drive time for ducks is in the 30 minute range. Duck hunting requires flexibility from an outfitting standpoint as we always like to go to where the birds are the strongest yet we are fortunate to have access to more ideal land than any other duck hunting operation in the province.

Our duck hunting properties include Los Laureles and Santo Domingo. Los Laureles offers ducks as one of four species in its mixed bag package. If a greater focus on ducks is desired, Santo Domingo is recommended for its duck-focused combo package or its duck-only package.

The May - August duck season represents our winter which is mild by the standard of many other regions where ducks are hunted. Early morning temperatures rarely fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with temperatures rising to the mid-seventies during the day. Clothing in layers is recommended.

Duck season in Entre Rios is between May and August.

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Duck Hunting in Los Laureles

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