Dove Hunting

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  • Roost with millions of birds located inside our property
  • 5 minute drives to the field
  • High volume, no limit, year around season
  • Shooting over 2000 shells in a day is no problem

Dove hunting put Argentina on the map for serious traveling sportsmen seeking the best in volume shooting. The prevailing native bird species in Argentina is the "Eared dove" which is similar in size to its North America counterpart, the "Mourning dove". One notable difference lies in the fact that the Eared dove has a squared tail whereas the Morning dove has a pointed tail. All of our dove hunting takes place in the province of Entre Rios either in conjunction with mixed bag hunts between May and August or as independent high-volume hunts between September and April. High-volume hunting may also be combined with fishing in warmer months for unforgettable 'cast & blast' packages.

The principle ingredients required for abundant doves are food, water and a safe roosting area. Entre Rios is the most water-saturated area in Argentina due to year-round rainfall as well as the vast system of rivers and marshes which saturate the terrain. Additionally, this region is one of the most active areas of commercial agriculture in the country with crops principally consisting of soy, corn, sorghum, wheat and alfalfa. Due to the prevalence of water and food combined with ideal weather, doves in Entre Rios hatch two eggs, five to seven times annually resulting in their status as an agricultural plague.

All dove hunting is no-limit pass shooting at tree lines with actual fields varying week to week depending on harvest patterns and weather. We own the land used for all hunting and have a feedlot on our property. Additionally, we are the only hunting operation in Entre Rios with a dove roost on our land. This results in very short drive times, typically between five and ten minutes from the lodge. Guests at Los Laureles may even walk to dove blinds from the lodge and enjoy an intermediary hunt before lunch in our mixed bag package. The logistical convenience afforded to our guests is a direct result of owning our land and being the only hunting operation using it. In turn, our guests enjoy the best of what would be expected in high-volume dove shooting coupled with drive times second to none among Argentine outfitters.

Our dove hunting properties include Los Laureles and Santo Domingo. Doves and Pigeons are the only two bird species which can be incorporated into any hunt in the Entre Rios province, any time of year. Additionally, dove hunts may be enjoyed as a 'stand alone' activity at Los Laureles.

Argentine seasons are opposite from the northern hemisphere. Pack accordingly for either hot summers or the relatively mild winters. Dove season is year around.

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