About us

We bring you to the best hunting in Argentina

Exciting Outdoors is a collection of the finest wingshooting lodges in Argentina. We are best known for our properties in the province of Entre Ríos where our famous "Los Laureles" lodge has, over the last twenty years, earned the reputation as the country's finest mixed bag operation. Our most recent addition is "Santo Domingo" which is now Argentina's flagship duck lodge on account of its unparalleled land management and convenient location just two hours from Buenos Aires by car. Although each lodge posesses distinct attributes, they all share the distinguishing trademark of operating exclusively on private, non-leased land, making them the only collection of sporting properties of their kind in Argentina. We invite you to join the ranks of discerning traveling outdoors-men who agree that our attention to detail over lodge services, staff and most importantly, bird quality, is second to none.